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the terrors of the earth

i shall do such things...what they are yet i know not

7 September 1962
I don't actually post much here - this user is just so I can post comments to friends LJs. My real blog is at blog.dave.org.uk/ (and you can get a feed of everything I write at planet davorg).

60s - born. infant school.
70s - primary school, secondary school, o levels
80s - a levels, city university (failed first year, dropped out, worked in the su as social secretary), dole, south bank poly, ibm, lbms (windows programming, data modelling)
90s - more lbms, briefly at comtext, disney (london and madrid), magnum solutions, various banks, gill (wedding!), discovered perl, various dotcoms
00s - more dotcoms, wrote 'data munging with perl', dotcom crash, unemployment, bibliotech (redundancy after four months), ample, wrote 'perl template toolkit', the guardian, karmadownload, outcome technologies, the bbc, back to the city