Paid Account

I finally cracked and decided to pay for my account.

My first action was to add a new RSS feed for my use.perl journal. If you are at all interested in my doodlings in the Perl world then feel free to subscribe to it at davorg_up.

Since working at the Guardian, I've also discovered that they have an RSS feed of their headlines. I tried to add that feed too, but it seems that someone has beaten me to it. It's at the_guardian.

Now I'm off to see what other new powers I have...

Editing Friends

I just removed someone from my friends list for what was (I think) the first time. I read LJs that are by people who I find interesting. This person was someone who I'd found very interesting on another (more technical) web site. Unfortunately, on LJ he just wanted to quote the Bible. That was intensely boring so he just had to go I'm afraid.

The Real Me

I've noticed that a few people have me listed as a friend, but not my full blog (davorg_full).

That's ok, of course, maybe you read my blog over at or maybe (just possibly) you're not interested in reading my other rantings.

Anyway, this is just a heads-up. If you're wondering why I'm being a bit quiet then you should add davorg_blog to your friends list.


Why does reading LiveJournal make me want to start writing bad sixth-form poetry.

I'm so glad that LJ wasn't around when I was younger and angsty.